Indiegogo Introduces A Game Changer … “Secret Perk”

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A new Indiegogo blog post introduces “The Secret Perk”, a perk that can not be seen by the public and can only be accessed  through a unique code. Indiegogo’s blog post “5 Ways to Use Secret Perks for Crowdfunding Magic” is just a jumping off point for imaging uses for utilizing this new feature. Here is a link to the post if you want to learn more:



Large Charities Looking To Crowdfunding To Tap Millennial Donors

Crowdfunding For Charities
Crowdfunding For Charities

This article really points out the new trend of charities who have seen diminished returns from traditional fundraising methods, are now finally turning to some of the top agencies like Digital Funding Agency to fully manage crowdfunding campaigns, and help navigate the digital space they are just beginning to enter.

“The American Cancer Society is, for the first, time targeting Millennial donors to give to cancer researchers using something increasingly popular with this tech-savvy generation: Crowdfunding.

The campaign’s initial goal is to raise $200,000 for post-doctoral research grants, collecting the money online through Crowdrise,and will set a higher goal down the road if it works. The group is chasing donors considered by many in the philanthropy world as difficult to attract through traditional channels – and who aren’t particularly wealthy. Although the Case Foundation found 84% of Millennials made a charitable donation in 2014, an earlier report by Blackbaud, a maker of software and services targeting the non-profit industry, found that adults ages 18-32 comprised only 11% of total giving, the smallest portion of any age group studied.”

“There’s got to be a way to reach these young people … Usually the givers are much older, ” said Dianna Preece, a finance professor in the College of Business at the University of Louisville.”

Cause-based crowdfunding is a specialty area for Digital Funding Agency, as their passion to help charities of all levels enter the crowdfunding space has been a driving force for founding the agency.

Read the full article on USA Today:

Calling All Naughty By Nature Fans



Naughty By Nature the Hip Hop superstars are celebrating their 25th Anniversary and they are going to do it with a brand new EP+. They have 25 years of never been seen material they are ready to record and share. They say this is the album they have been dreaming of producing. They are raising the funds to fulfill this project through crowdfunding on Kickstarter. They launched their crowdfunding campaign the beginning of February and it only runs through the end of the month. They have some great rewards for participating including merchandise featuring their iconic logo in silver for their silver anniversary and other items that can only be had through Kickstarter. Check out their campaign and hear their legendary hit O.P.P.  through the link below.

Naughty By Nature Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign:



How Successful Is Crowdfunding On Kickstarter?

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If you visit Kickstarter and click on “About Us” then hit “Stats” you find very impressive statistics, that are updated daily, on all the projects that have been on their platform from the time of their launch through now.

Kickstarter says “Since our launch, on April 28, 2009, 10 million people have backed a project, $2.2 Billion has been pledged, and 100,001 projects have been successfully funded.”

Kickstarter projects are listed in categories, Games, Technology, Design, and Film &Video are among those that have brought in the most funding. The Games category raised $144.4 million dollars in 2015 nearly doubling what was pledged in 2014.

Another interesting fact is that almost a third of the 10 million backers have backed more than one project. Once you have spent some time on the platform looking through all the campaigns you will understand why. Kickstarter is filled with so many original creative projects it’s hard not to want to get involved with them. Here is a link to the stats I referenced and while you’re there be sure to look around, you won’t be disappointed.

Crowdfunding Campaign Shopping Guide – The Best Indiegogo & Kickstarter Campaigns This Week

This week’s episode covers two of our favorite campaigns from Kickstarter & Indiegogo, Spray Printer and Dream Screen. Check out the video, but we’re all in for both of these extremely cool projects!!

Indiegogo Launches New Enterprise Crowdfunding Platform

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This isn’t a new idea in the world of crowdfunding, but it’s a good one,  and word has been rattling around for some time now that Indiegogo has been planning a way to help established companies enter the new market that crowdfunding has created. Critics who say this wasn’t the intended purpose of crowdfunding should take note that the companies as well as the consumer will benefit from this new focus. It will allow brands test the waters for new products, and the public will vote with their dollars which products will ultimately get made. This should improve the value for consumers from a price perspective as well, as brands will learn quickly if they aren’t creating enough value for the proposed product’s audience.

TechCrunch says:

Indiegogo is going to work with General Electric, Harman International Industries, Hasbro and Shock Top at first. Compared to newly launched startups, these companies don’t need cash to launch new products. It would be unfair to talk about crowdfunding for Fortune 500 companies.

Instead, this new focus should be seen as a way to test consumer’s interest by leveraging Indiegogo’s audience and reach. General Electric can create a pre-order campaign and see if people actually want these new products.

Now, there’s a risk that these large aging companies will use Indiegogo as a way to market themselves as edgy companies. Indiegogo will have to make sure that these big clients are showcasing actually interesting products.

Read the full article on TechCrunch here:

We’re looking forward to seeing how their initial campaign perform, as we’ve been working with established companies to enter the crowdfunding space since our inception on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

“First Flight” A Crowdfunding Platform From Sony

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Sony entered the crowdfunding space last year with “FES Watch” with much success. Now they have established a new online crowdfunding platform aptly named “First Flight”.  First Flight will serve as a space to launch innovative new products and service that they develop in-house. Speaking with excitement about the success of initial crowdfunded projects Kazuo Hirai, President and CEO, Sony Corporation told reporters in Tokyo “The speed with which we got these up and running is unlike anything we’ve experienced in Sony before.” “We have three more projects that are on the cusp of becoming a business. I’m dying to tell you about it but can’t say more yet.” Sony said crowdfunding provides “the opportunity to ascertain the actual needs of the market” and regarding the benefit to product development “improvement through direct dialogue with customers.” “At Sony we will continue to explore ways of delivering new, emotionally compelling experiences and enhanced customer value.” To learn more the following is a press release from Sony Corporation:

“Sony Further Accelerates its New Business Creation Efforts: Launches the “First Flight™” Platform for Crowdfunding and E-Commerce”

Tokyo, Japan, July 1, 2015 – Sony Corporation (“Sony”) has been proactively developing and launching businesses and products based on unique concepts, with the aim of generating new customer value. At the same time, in order to continue delivering experiences that move customers emotionally through innovation, Sony has been establishing an internal framework for supporting and fostering new business and product creation that goes beyond existing organizational boundaries. Sony’s Seed Acceleration Program, which seeks to fast-track promising new business ideas proposed by Sony employees into full-fledged businesses, is an important part of this effort.

Sony today announced “First Flight,” the latest initiative from the Seed Acceleration Program. First Flight is a new online platform providing an extensive suite of services from crowdfunding to e-commerce in Japan. First Flight is intended to deliver experiences that move people emotionally through innovation. It will enable each start-up and their customers to share their ideas and inspiration (“co-vision”), and then jointly bring those ideas to fruition (“co-creation”) through direct and interactive communication.

Outline of First Flight’s vision:

  • Establish a platform for both crowdfunding and e-commerce
  • Preview new business proposals still in the planning phases
  • Facilitate ongoing dialogue with customers from initial development through to market introduction, by seamlessly connecting each phase from previewing and crowd funding, to e-commerce
  • Provide a key touch-point between early adopters keen to utilize new products or services and support new business projects

Through the First Flight platform, Sony will support the launch and growth of new business ventures. The platform will give nascent projects the opportunity to ascertain the actual needs of the market; realize a co-creation model of product development and improvement through direct dialogue with customers; and ensure timely sales operations that are also optimal for their business size.

Comment from Kazuo Hirai, President and CEO, Sony Corporation

“Sony’s innovation is ingrained in the company’s founding spirit of `doing what has never been done before.’ Nothing embodies this spirit more than passionate entrepreneurs who give shape to their ground-breaking ideas and introduce them to the world, without fear of failure. The First Flight platform and other Seed Acceleration Program initiatives accelerate and optimize this process. Sony itself originated as a start-up, and through the Seed Acceleration Program we are challenging ourselves to return to our entrepreneurial roots. At Sony we will continue to explore ways of delivering new, emotionally compelling experiences and enhanced customer value.”

 Products available on First Flight

On July 1st, two new business projects nurtured within Sony will officially launch in the Japanese market via First Flight: firstly sales of MESH™ initial line-up, a smart DIY kit that “turns anyone into an inventor,” and also pre-orders for “FES Watch,” the inaugural product from Fashion Entertainments™, a project that merges technology with fashion. July 1st will also mark the unveiling of the “HUIS™ REMOTE CONTROLLER,” on First Flight. This project, which features an e-paper based remote controller that “adapts to your needs,” has passed the first round of Seed Acceleration Program auditions and is currently in the launch preparation stage. Its crowdfunding campaign is scheduled to run for approximately six weeks on First Flight.
MESH: Smart DIY kit
Enables users to bring their ideas to life and digitally customize their surrounding environment via MESH’s intuitive control interface and the various functions of the electronic “tags.”
Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 9.18.53 PM
FES Watch: A watch that changes style
A flat, stylish wrist watch whose entire surface is composed of e-paper. Its customizable design allows users to choose among 24 different patterns to fit their attire and mood.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 9.20.08 PM

HUIS REMOTE CONTROLLER: Remote controller that adapts to your needs
An e-paper based remote controller. Enables easy control of a multitude of household electronic devices, and can be customized to display only the buttons of the user’s choice.
Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 9.20.26 PM


* First Flight’s E-commerce and payment systems utilizes Yahoo Japan Corporation’s Yahoo! JAPAN ID, Yahoo! Wallet FastPay and Yahoo! Shopping.
* First Flight was created with cooperation from Yahoo Japan Corporation, who resonated with Sony’s vision for the platform.
* Sony, First Flight, MESH, Fashion Entertainments, and HUIS, as well as their logos, are trademarks of Sony Corporation.

PlantPure Nation Cause-Based Crowdfunding Campaign Is Now 100% Successfully Funded

PlantPure Nation Crowdfunding Campaign

“The Kickstarter campaign for PlantPure Nation, a new documentary that sheds light onto the subject of how we eat, and the effects that diet can have on our health, has just successfully surpassed its goal of $150,000 with 54 hours to go!! If you have a moment check out their campaign, it’s an extremely important statement about a topic we all need to pay more attention to. Here’s the film synopsis from their website:

The documentary film PlantPure Nation tells the story of three people on a quest to spread the message of one of the most important health breakthroughs of all time. When nutritional scientist and author T. Colin Campbell inspires Kentucky State Representative Tom Riner to propose a pilot program documenting the health benefits of a plant-based diet, they inadvertently set in motion a series of events that expose powerful forces opposed to the diet. When industry lobbyists kill the pilot program, Dr. Campbell’s oldest son Nelson decides to try his own grassroots approach in his hometown of Mebane, North Carolina.

In his groundbreaking 2004 book, The China Study, and in the recent popular documentary film Forks Over Knives, Dr. Campbell detailed the weight of scientific evidence that a whole foods plant-based diet can prevent and even reverse some of the most deadly health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Campbell argues that unlike the statin prescription drugs and invasive surgeries American doctors routinely prescribe, a diet consisting primarily of whole plant-based foods treats the underlying causes of these conditions as well as the symptoms. Patients experience immediate drops in cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and excess body weight. Their energy levels increase, they lose aches and pains, contract fewer illnesses, and enjoy a host of other improved health benefits.

A growing number of celebrities, athletes, TV hosts, and nutrition experts have promoted the plant-based diet in the past few years. Tens of thousands of people have documented their personal success stories since implementing the diet. But as more doctors and public officials become aware of the healing power of plant-based nutrition the question arises: Why don’t they share the information with their patients or the public? Tragically, there have been few official medical or state-sponsored efforts in the nation to support the life sustaining benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet.

On November 15th 2011, doctors T. Colin Campbell and Caldwell Esselstyn took the first step in this direction. They made history as they presented their research to the Kentucky State legislature. With one of the highest levels of childhood obesity in the nation, Kentucky also suffers from high rates of heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. Moved by what they heard, the representatives unanimously approved a non-binding resolution calling upon Kentucky to “lead the nation in a health and wellness, nutrition-based revolution” by making “plant-based food grown in Kentucky affordable and available to some of the poorest individuals and communities in the Commonwealth.”

Nelson Campbell worked with Rep. Tom Riner to build on this non-binding resolution by developing and introducing House Bill 550, which mandated a pilot program that would document the health benefits of a plant-based diet. But once the bill went into committee, industry lobbyists woke up to the threat posed by the initiative. What followed was one of the most intensive lobby efforts ever in Kentucky. As the bill’s sponsor Rep. Riner put it, HB 550 was watered down to “a shadow of its former self”, turned “from steel to Reynolds Wrap.”

A top-down approach that recognized the powerful healing effects of plant-based nutrition had failed ­ again. But Nelson Campbell suspected there was another way to prove the merits of this idea. After the setback in Kentucky, he resolved to put his hunch to the test in his own North Carolina hometown of Mebane (population 11,562). He also took a documentary film crew with him.

Nelson hoped to demonstrate that a whole foods plant-based diet would lead to significant and measurable health improvements in just 10 days. He also wanted to demonstrate that such a diet would be easy to follow and indefinitely sustainable.

Using an approach consistent with the mainstream values of his hometown, he started small, offering ten-day “jumpstarts” of freshly prepared plant-based meals to 16 local influencers including a business executive, a journalist, two physicians and a local farming couple.

How would these rural people, many of whom were raised on southern comfort foods such as meat, potatoes, biscuits and gravy, handle a plant-based diet? Would they lose weight and get healthier? Would their families and friends accept their diet and lifestyle change? Could this be the spark of something even bigger? Can a nationwide health revolution actually begin in a town as rural and small as Mebane?

Beyond Mebane, PlantPure Nation explores the topical issues of the small family farmer, food deserts, modern medicine and the challenges of getting plant-based nutrition included in the political process.

Nelson’s campaign also has the unintended benefit of bringing him and his father closer together, as Dr. Campbell shares memories of his personal “journey”, when his son faces some of the same obstacles he faced over the years. As Nelson is launching a movement in the most unlikely of places, his close friend in Kentucky, Rep. Tom Riner, continues his efforts to educate his legislative colleagues – eventually giving away over 300 copies of Dr. Campbell’s groundbreaking book “The China Study.”

Their success in both places motivates them to join hands in an effort to right what is surely one of the greatest wrongs of our modern age. Together, Nelson and Rep. Riner launch a plan to expose the forces that stand in the way of a wider recognition of the healings powers of a plant-based diet.

Featuring music from the band Driftwood, PlantPure Nation was filmed across the USA and includes world-renowned experts, doctors and authors. The Production team includes Director Nelson Campbell, and Producer John Corry & Writer Lee Fulkerson from the acclaimed documentary film Forks Over Knives.

The film is scheduled for completion by Spring 2015.  A 23 city national tour will take place between April 4 and June 10 with Dr. T. Colin Campbell and his son Nelson as they show an advance version of the film.   The film is scheduled to open in limited release in over 100 cities, beginning with the first 23 cities on the tour during the week of July 4th.”

Their campaign has 2 more days left, so if you haven’t yet paid their Kickstarter page a visit yet, you can check it out here:

Also here’s a link to their website:

De La Soul Are Crowdfunding Their New Album On Kickstarter Already Fully Funded With 19 Days To – Guests Include David Byrne – 2 Chainz – Little Dragon – Damon Alburn (Gorillaz/Blur)

De La Soul Launch Crowdfunding Campaign For Their New Album On Kickstarter - Already 100% Funded On Second Day Of Campaign!!

One of my favorite 80’s, 90’s and now 00’s hip-hop groups just destroyed their goal on Kickstarter, De La Soul has launched their latest album via the crowdfunding platform March 30th and the next day March 31st their new album was 100% funded!!! This is extremely exciting news for fans of the group and hip-hop, their seminal albums 3 Feet High and Rising, De La Soul Is Dead and Stakes Is High are some of the most influential for hip-hop and modern electronic music. Here’s what they have to say about why they’ve decided to crowdfund their new album:

“For the last decade, we’ve been independent artists, free of a record label interfering in our creative process. This will be our first De La Soul studio album in eleven years. We’re excited and ready to create. It’s been essential that we find ways to fund, record and release new music. Typically the fans have been the ones who support and appreciate our vision, so using Kickstarter and giving our fans the opportunity to be a part of the process just feels right. We see Kickstarter as a home for creative minds and a wonderful platform; where people who believe, respect and see the vision, can support an idea and make it a reality.

True to our Hip-Hop roots, we make music without limits. This new album will incorporate elements of Jazz, Funk, Rock, Country Western and anything else we’re feeling in the moment. To us, music is the influence of sounds, sounds in all vibrations and sizes, telling a story or pointing a direction. Some of these sounds we call samples, samples we use to make songs.”

“Over the last three years, we’ve collaborated with some of LA’s finest studio musicians and recorded them in free-styled, unrehearsed, jam sessions. They played everything from banjo to upright bass, sometimes up to a dozen musicians at once; simply allowing sounds to integrate. We did 90% of these recordings in one of LA’s most classic studios, Vox. We chose Vox because we wanted our recordings to have that creamy analog warm mixing board sound that the old records our parent’s once played had. With over 200 hours of sounds, and vibes, equal to about 250 to 300 full-length vinyl LPs, it’s time that we get to the work.

Here’s the interesting part. We are now in the process of going back to that 200+ hours of music, listening, enjoying and discovering those special moments where, musically, something magical happens, where interesting sounds and layers were forgotten, where new sounds can be sampled, looped, chopped, filtered and arranged, freely, without the intrusive presence of publishing politics and the infamous “sample police.” What we’ve done is created our own crates of records; album upon albums to mine and sample from. In our world, what we’ve created is freedom, freedom to make the art you believe in without having to compromise your vision. That’s what we’ve always wanted most, that’s what we’ve always believed in, that’s what we’ve fought for, and that’s why we’re doing this Kickstarter with you.”

“We have a fantastic cast of artist we’re collaborating with. So far Damon Albarn (of Blur/Gorillaz), 2 Chainz, Little Dragon, and David Byrne (of Talking Heads) have blessed us with their talents; and we’ll have more announcements of collabs to come, right here on Kickstarter.”

There’s still time to get some really amazing perks from the crowdfunding campaign exclusives, there’s 19 days left as of today. Check out their crowdfunding campaign here:

Crowdfunding Industry Set To Double In Size Again to $34 Billion In 2015

The growth of crowdfunding is unprecedented, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Social causes had an incredibly strong showing having raised $3.06 billion in 2014. But the real surprise was the incredible grow that has been seen in the Asian and European markets.

“The strong growth in 2014 was due in part to the rise of Asia as a major crowdfunding region. Asian crowdfunding volumes grew by 320 percent, to $3.4 billion raised. That puts the region slightly ahead of Europe ($3.26 billion) as the second-biggest region by crowdfunding volume. North America continued to lead the world in crowdfunding volumes, growing by 145 percent and raising a total of $9.46 billion.

The research team collected information on 1250 active crowdfunding platforms (CFPs) across the world, including high-quality data submitted by 463 CFPs to the Crowdfunding Industry Survey, before undertaking significant further research and analysis in order to reach its results.

While rewards- and equity-based campaigns typically get the most headlines, it’s lending-based crowdfunding that dominates the industry: in 2014, it raised $11.08 billion dollars.

Part of that, according to Massolution founder and CEO Carl Esposti, is explained by the strong growth of crowd-based lending in Asia: “Surprises materializing from this year’s research included the astounding growth in the P2P and P2B lending market in Asia, stemming largely from the Chinese market.”

This is the second major report Massolution,’s sister firm, released this month: just a few weeks ago, it published its 2015CF – RE Crowdfunding for Real Estate Report, which takes a close look at one of the hottest sectors of crowdfunding.”

As this new way to fund projects continues to evolve we are seeing incredible creativity, and more diversity in every channel this new technology has been applied.

Check out the full story here at:

Purchase Massolutions full 2015 Crowdfunding Report Here: